My Grades



GPA: 3.72 / 4.3

Semestre #9

Class Grade
Advanced Graphical User Interfaces A-
Software Architecture A+
High Performance Databases B+
Environment, Technology and Society B+
Final Project in Software Engineering A

Semestre #8 - Technical University of Munich

Foundations in Data Engineering
Advanced Computer Architecture
Distributed Systems
Advanced Programming

Semestre #7

Class Grade
Project Management and Quality Assurance B

Semestre #6

Class Grade
Requirements and Specifications Analysis A+
Advanced Machine Learning A
Wave Physics A
Introduction to Entrepreneurship B+

Semestre #5

Class Grade
User Interface Design and Evaluation A+
Intelligent Systems and Algorithms A-
Project Profitability Analysis B
Differential Equations B

Semestre #4

Class Grade
IP Communication Networks A-
Introduction to Quantum Computing A
Testing and Maintenance B+
Linear Algebra and Geometry A+

Semester #3

Class Grade
Data Structures and Algorithms A+
Probabilities and Statistics A
Software Analysis and Design B+
Electricity and Magnetism A

Semester #2

Class Grade
Object Oriented Design A
Logic and Discrete Mathematics A
Statics and Dynamics A+
Communication Methods B+

Semester #1

Class Grade
Chemistry and Materials B+
Programming and Networking B+
Differential and integral calculus B
Professional Development and Introduction to Health and Safety S

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