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"I Rather Show than Tell"

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Bullets - Python

BullETS is a Python library designed to backtest algorithmic trading strategies.
As the president of AlgoÉTS, I contributed extensively to BullETS hence allowing other members to test their algorithms.
This project is built fully with Python, and is available as a library on PyPi.

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My Portfolio

This website is my personal portfolio.
It contains a lot of information about me from my projects to my resume.
It is coded using HTML, JavaScript and SCSS. I hope it gives you a quick demonstration of my design skills.

Trend Following Volatility Based Trading Algorithm - Python

Trading algorithm built on QuantConnect that plots the previous gains and volatility, and trades based on their trends.

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Breakthrough MiniMax AI - Java

As part of my Data Science and Algorithms class, we had to develop a bot to win at Breakthrough, a game between chess and checkers, using a Minimax algorithm.
We had a tournament against the rest of the class, and our bot won first place.
We had to develop plenty of stuff as part of my bachelors, but this is one that I am particularly proud of.

Apple Store Scalper - Python

I really wanted a MacBook Pro but it was sold out so I developed this Python bot using that Selenium that periodically refreshes the page, and checks if it is available.

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Remastered Supreme Website - JavaScript

A website I built to learn JavaScript.
I remade the website for the Supreme Brand, and put a few css tricks to made the entire thing look presentable.
Since I created this website, I have continued to learn more about JavaScript most notably React JS.

Final CEGEP Project - WordPress

The final project that I had to do in order to complete my DEC in Computer Science at Champlain College.
Me and my two teammates built it with WordPress because it was a requirement for our client.
He was very happy with the website.
Since then, much of the functionality has been removed, but the aesthetic is all the same.

Radio Player App - Android

This app contains the basics concepts and functionalities android applications.
I created this website for my Android Development course.

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Space Missiles - Unity

I created this application for my game development class. It was built using Unity, and C#.
It demonstrates my basic understanding of the development of video games.

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