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"I Rather Show than Tell"

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Protogest - JavaScript

Capstone project for my bachelor's degree in software engineering, this website developed for the McGill law department allows lawyers to schedule trials and negotiate contracts.
This project is built in JavaScript using Angular and Node.js, and deployed using AWS.

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Bullets - Python

BullETS is a Python library designed to backtest algorithmic trading strategies.
As the president of AlgoÉTS, I contributed extensively to BullETS hence allowing other members to test their algorithms.
This project is built fully with Python, and is available as a library on PyPi.

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My Portfolio

This website is my personal portfolio.
It contains a lot of information about me from my projects to my resume.
It is coded using HTML, JavaScript and SCSS. I hope it gives you a quick demonstration of my design skills.

Trend Following Volatility Based Trading Algorithm - Python

Trading algorithm built on QuantConnect that plots the previous gains and volatility, and trades based on their trends.

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Breakthrough MiniMax AI - Java

As part of my Data Science and Algorithms class, we had to develop a bot to win at Breakthrough, a game between chess and checkers, using a Minimax algorithm.
We had a tournament against the rest of the class, and our bot won first place.
We had to develop plenty of stuff as part of my bachelors, but this is one that I am particularly proud of.

Apple Store Scalper - Python

I really wanted a MacBook Pro but it was sold out so I developed this Python bot using that Selenium that periodically refreshes the page, and checks if it is available.

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Remastered Supreme Website - JavaScript

A website I built to learn JavaScript.
I remade the website for the Supreme Brand, and put a few css tricks to made the entire thing look presentable.
Since I created this website, I have continued to learn more about JavaScript most notably React JS.

Final CEGEP Project - WordPress

The final project that I had to do in order to complete my DEC in Computer Science at Champlain College.
Me and my two teammates built it with WordPress because it was a requirement for our client.
He was very happy with the website.
Since then, much of the functionality has been removed, but the aesthetic is all the same.

Radio Player App - Android

This app contains the basics concepts and functionalities android applications.
I created this website for my Android Development course.

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Space Missiles - Unity

I created this application for my game development class. It was built using Unity, and C#.
It demonstrates my basic understanding of the development of video games.

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